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Loss Of Cervical Lordosis/Curve

From the A-P or front to back dimension, our spines should be straight.  From the side, our body should have normal curves where the neck and low back curve inward which is called a lordosis and the middle back curves outward called a kyphosis.  In some cases, when we have a loss or excess of these curves it can sometimes create a curve in the front to back dimension.

A straightening, reversal or excess of these curves can:

  • Decrease strength and flexibility

  • Possibly cause pain

  • Cause disc degeneration to occur much faster in the neck

  • Occasionally cause numbness or tingling in the arms or hands

  • Create tension on the spinal cord pinching nerves

  • Cause issues with the carotid blood vessels decreasing blood flow to the brain leading to dizziness, headaches, confusion, tinnitus, depression, etc.

  • Develop over time or can be present from birth

Loss of cervical lordosis/curvature known as “military neck” may cause any of the above symptoms.

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