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Cervical Vibrating Traction

Rehabs discs and ligaments in the neck while decreasing forward head posture and molding the curve into the neck.

Mechanical Drop Piece

Uses different setups to reduce the rib arch and/or decrease the rotation of the hips.

Eckard Table

Reduces the scoliosis curvature, reduces the spinal rotation, tractions the discs of the spine and increases flexibility.

Scoliosis Traction Chair

Reduces the scoliosis, decreases rotation, and tractions the spine while stimulating the musculature to hold the spine into the new position.

Cervical Traction

Tractions the discs of the spine, decreases forward head posture and increases the curve in the neck.

Wobble Chair

Pumps the discs of the spine, increases flexibility and loosens the tissues before the adjustment.

Soft Tissue Rehab

Uses different frequencies of vibration to loosen tight ligaments and relax tight muscles.

Rehab / Exercisse

Customized to focuses on strengthening weak musculature and stretching tight areas based on each patient's spinal configuration found on xrays.

Arthrostim Adjustments

Due to the increased ligament instability verified through x-rays, manual cervical adjusting is normally contraindicated and only instrument assisted adjusting is recommended.  


All chiropractic adjustments are based on each individual patient's x-ray findings and are specific to the patient to improve the misalignments of their spine.

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