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Mild Scoliosis

Larry's Before and After Xrays after 1 month of treatment. A total loss of 13 degrees!

Symptoms of Mild Scoliosis

·         Scoliosis curve is less than 25°

·         Risk of progression 22%

·         Postural asymmetry may be noticeable

·         Hard to detect even by medical professionals

·         Easier to overcome when the curve is small

·         Known as the Watch & Wait Phase


At CLEAR™ Institute we feel that being proactive with your spine at this stage can greatly reduce your chances of progression as the spine is much easier to treat and outcomes are much greater.


Moderate Scoliosis

A total loss of 19 degrees After a month of treatment

Symptoms of Moderate Scoliosis

·         Scoliosis curve of 25-40°

·         Risk of Progression 68%

·         Cosmetic appearance is more obvious.

·         Shortness of breath, fatigue, and pain more common

·         Often recommended for bracing


CLEAR™ Institute’s moderate scoliosis protocol is well tolerated by virtually all patients (regardless of age), and will not only stabilize the scoliosis, but may even achieve considerable scoliosis reduction.


Severe Scoliosis

A total loss of 23 degrees After a month of treatment

Symptoms of Severe Scoliosis

·         Scoliosis curve above 40°

·         Risk of Progression 90%

·         Associated with decreased lung capacity, low energy, and                     increased pain

·         Scoliosis surgery is often recommended

The doctors of CLEAR™ Institute have dedicated themselves to finding a better solution.  CLEAR™ Institute has done exclusive research and development into new and better treatment methods for treating severe scoliosis. Specialized rehabilitation equipment, custom treatment plans and protocols, and scientific breakthroughs in the field of bio-vibration have been created for the specific purpose of providing patients with a better treatment alternative for curves above forty degrees.

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